Jerommeke Traum von FF

My full name is Jerommeke Traum von FF,  it is originally name for the big bull. My mum likes cow cats, and she gave me the name. Nobody calls me that way, unless I manage to hide somewhere in the house and they look for me. It drives them crazy but I think it is fun.

I am the sweetheart of the family, I purred from the day I was born and I never stop, maybe for a moment or two while I sleep, but then, everybody needs to get some rest sometimes.

I am so popular, they fight and perform tricks to take me to their room at night. I always sneak under the blanket, put my paw around the hand and lay my had to the shoulder. They can fight as much as they want but I always end up in my mum’s bedroom.

I can play fetch, and do some tricks, but I think it is a waste of time. Why do anything else if you can shoulder ride or sleep in a warm lap the whole day.
I am responsible for cleaning the others, no matter how well other cats think they maintain their fur, it is almost never up to the Seychelles standards.


  • Long naps on the heaters,
  • shoulder  rides,
  • sleeping under blankets,
  • raw food


  • Dogs,
  • loud children,
  • Johnnie (the water turtle as it bit me once and always follows me around the room when escapes from aquarium),
  • cat shows and
  • too many people around my mum.