Umpertoeko Recknagel


Hello, my name is Umpertoeko Recknagel.
I am a chocolate spotted Ocicat.

I was born in Finland, and traveled to the other side of Europe a the age of 4 months. I have not stopped travelling since. You might have seen me in Adriatic marinas, in Austria or Switzerland’s apres ski bars, on mountain tops, or in restaurants, bars, shops, even libraries. I have learnt many things in my life, I am excellent in training humans ( if I want to make them wake up and walk, I just start purring and walking around the room ), I can perform tricks (sit, pray, dance like bear, and many others, I am a cookie addict and I would do everything to get some more), use toilet, swim (I practiced it this summer), shoulder ride .

In my free time I enjoy my everyday walks on the outside and shoulder rides.

I am a tough guy, I only purr when nobody can see me.

It is not for the public, but I breast-fed two of the younger members of the family.