About us

HARSKIBirthday: 6.11.2004.

MEKEBirthday: 10.2.2005.

ULLABirthday: 18.9.2007.

Do not be fooled by our wild looks, we are very sweet and dog like in temper.

We have our opinion on everything: from the color of our food bowls to the political situation in the country and we are not shy to share it. Whatever is done in the house we want to take a look. If somebody is cooking, we are there, sitting on a chair in kitchen and learning, if our humans watch TV we cuddle next to them.

We like human company, especially children, good nap and decent amounts of food. We always think of some tricks and mischiefs or if there is nothing better to do we just take a run around the house… but nobody can resist us when we bring the toy to his feet and politely ask for a retrieving game.

We love to do our clicker training sessions, but most of all we love summer when it is a time to go sailing.